Use IFTTT To Successfully Boost Your Restaurants Social Media In 2021

And how increasing your online presence can grow your business during Covid19

What da hell is IFTTT and how can i use it for my restaurant?

C’monIts 2020 and you do not know what IFTTT is?! If you have an inch of tech savvy bone in you, you should know what IFTTT isWell for those of you who do not know what IFTTT is, your world is about to change. IFTTT is one of the most powerful tools you can use to boost your restaurant’s online presence and automate your social media tasks.    read along to find out How IFTTT can Boost Your Restaurants Social Media, and the impact that it can have on your time, and daily operations to do more things. 

Because of the Covid19 pandemic, you need all the help you can get so that you can focus on the health of your team, and at the same time, keep your business runningDo not worry, I will be showing you how IFTTT can solve all your problems with a quick setup. 

so what is IFTTT, and how can I use it for my restaurant?

IFTTT is an online tool that you can access via the web, or with an app on a mobile device that provides integration between different services, with an easy to use platform, and quick setup. you simply connect your services (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), and you can automate tasks between all of them.

IFTTT is an acronym for If This Then That. And yes, it is as simple as it sounds. So, if you have This, then That happens.  


  • If you post to Instagram, then post to Facebook. 
  • When I come home, turn on lights 
  • If it rains, change the color of my lights 
You get the idea.  In a nutshell, IFTTT is a revolutionary way to automate your restaurant marketing.

How do I use IFTTT to boost my social media content?

When I post a picture to Instagram, IFTTT posts my content to Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, and Flickr at the same time automatically.  And all I do is post to Instagram without touching anything else. 

To put it in perspective, you share your restaurant content post across other social media platforms each time you to Instagram without having to break a sweat.

If you are ever asking yourself:

How do I promote my restaurant on social media?

Using IFTT, you can really take your content posting to the next level by spreading your posts online and saving valuable time doing so.

You may not see the value in this, but by the end of this article, I hope to open your eyes to the importance of having all your services connected.

You can launch some of your restaurant best social media campaigns by connecting as many services as possible.

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Your main objective: make Google Happy

Create more online profilesThe more information you have online, the better Google will rank you in search resultsYou may think that having an Instagram and Facebook is enough for your business, but those are only two sources of creditabilityBeing restaurant owners, you are going to have Yelp, Google Business, Trip Advisor, Tripsavvy, and all the food delivery services. Some may or may not have your restaurant’s information.  Most may have your information without your permission. This is an important point.  Take control of your online presence. 

your online footprint is all that you have to market your restaurant to new customers.  the bigger the footprint, the more potential to reach new customers.As you create more online profiles and the more information you have online, the better Google will rank you in search results. 


You may think that having an Instagram and Facebook is enough for your business. Still, those are only two sources of creditability. Being restaurant owners, you will have Yelp, Google Business, Trip Advisor, Tripsavvy, and all the food delivery services. Some of these services may or may not have your restaurant’s information. 

Most may have your information without your permission or incorrectly displayed.

This is an important point.

Take control of your online presence.

Your online footprint is all that you have to market your restaurant to new customers. The more significant the impression, the more potential you will reach new customers with your restaurant marketing.

And all of this without spending a nickel on influencers.

You can read more about how to create an online Homebase for your restaurant with a website, and stop depending on social media in our post:

7 Absolutely Badass Benefits Of Website For Restaurants | 2021 

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My online IFTTT Strategy

All I use daily is Facebook, Instagram, and WordPress for Island Dwellers.  But I have a Tumblr, and Twitter, and it is all connected through IFTTT. I have not logged in to my Twitter and Tumblr in months, but my Instagram feed flows to them with the hashtags, and descriptionsI am posting in 4 platforms in total (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) without putting in too much effort. 

When you combine IFTTT with content post scheduling, you create a powerful online campaign that runs on its own with extraordinarily little manual laborIn our other post, Facebook Creator Studio vs Hootsuite, I go over what is post scheduling, and two free tools that you can use to get started.  In short, it is scheduling a whole week, or months’ worth of Instagram posts in one day, and free up time with social media. 

how to get started using IFTTT for your restaurant?

I suggest that you begin with these services if you want to get started with IFTTT:

Instagram, facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter

They have the biggest online community and are all compatible with IFTTT.  Spreading your content posts around the internet and increasing your online presence is always a plus for your business. Your will increase your visibility and chances that potential customers can find you onlineIt also looks fancy when you have all these social media connections on your website 

By connecting your accounts online, you will begin to see a snowball effectThere are already hundreds of pages that repost Instagram feeds, and hashtag trends, Facebook feedsOnce you post to Instagram, your information is already spreading all over the web like it or notYou can look for yourself by searching your username in Google.  So why not take control of your traffic.  I talk a bit more about controlling your traffic in our other post: 

6 valuable reasons why now is the time to invest in a website for your restaurant. 

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IFTTT has hundreds of possibilities and ideas to boost your restaurant's marketing

I suggest opening a Tumblr, and Twitter account for your restaurant if you do not have one yetYou may not use or know how to use any of these services, but Tumblr has 472 million users, and Twitter has 330 millionI think you can see why using these services is importantI’m a little oo introvert for Twitter, but I post to twitter 25 times a day without having to open the app through IFTTT. So, you really do not need to know how they work, or what they are forI mean, if you want to tweet your head off, go ahead, but for your restaurant’s needs, a few posts a day is enough.  

For your restaurant marketing, I Suggest Opening just A Tumblr, And Twitter Account.

You may already have a Facebook and Instagram account to promote your restaurant if you are using social media.

It is relatively easy to post your content from Instagram to Facebook, so you should not need to create this automation on Facebook.  thats no toast.

If your restaurant does Not Have one of these online social media accounts Yet. You should open one today.

Even if you are not sure how they work. You do not need to worry about that since IFTTT will take care of that for you.

Why should you open up a Twitter and Tumblr account for your restaurant?

Tumblr Has 472 Million Users, And Twitter Has 330 Million.

I Think You Can See Why Using These Services Is Important. I’m A Little too Introvert For Twitter, But I Post content To Twitter 25 Times A Day Without Having To Open The App. So,
You Really Do Not Need To Know How They Work, Or What They Are For. I Mean, If You Want To Tweet Your Head Off, Go Ahead, But For Your Restaurant’s Needs, A Few Posts A Day Is Enough.

Oh did I forget to mention that all of this is free?

Small detail, rightIFTTT is a completely free serviceSo, you have Instagram (free), Facebook (free), Twitter (free), Tumblr (free).  The only thing that is not free is your time.  but that is why I am going to get you set up once, and not have to touch Twitter and Tumblr again. 

Step1: Create a free account in iFTTT for your restaurant

Start by opening an account in You can also use the app, which is just as interactive as the websiteFor this example, I am going to use the website. 

IFTT Restaurant Productivity Automation

You can create an accounting using your Apple, Google, or Facebook usernames. I am going to use my Google account. Off the bat, they try to get you started with a Slack applet.  If you have Slack, you can go ahead and connect it, if not you can go ahead with the skip button in the top right hand. 

How IFTTT can boost your restaurant productivity with automation.

And here is the main page.  How IFTTT works, is that you choose a applet and you log in to each oneYou can press the Get more button and do a search for whatever applet you want to start with. 

How IFTTT can boost your restaurant productivity with automation.

Applets Galore, wait.. what is an applet?

An Applet is basically just automation. Each applet is an automation that connects two or more services to create an action.

So you can create an applet that connects Instagram and Tumblr, and another that connects Instagram and Twitter.

Your primary food photos share source should be instagram and not Facebook

Information online is a share in two ways:

  • text
  • media

Facebook is more text-based, and Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr are more media-based.

You can promote an image or video post from your restaurant Instagram to all other social media profiles. Still, you cannot share a text post from Facebook to Instagram. As a matter of fact, you cannot share from Facebook to Instagram at all, as far as I know.

By Starting with an image-based social media platform, it is easier to share your post content across all other platforms since it is media-based.

As a restaurant owner, I can bet that most of your posts are coming from Instagram as photo-based posts.

Step 2: Connect your restaurant instagram account to IFTTT

start by searching for Instagram.  At once you are going to see all the different applets that you can activate.   

You can go crazy here, just note that you must log in to each service that you connect. 

How IFTTT can boost your restaurant productivity with automation.

Step 3: Connect your services to post your content with a great delivery

You simply select a service and click Connect to activate itFrom there is will take you to each service to log in.  

The rest is pretty straight forwardyou simply search for an activity and connect the services. 

boost your restaurants social media

The platform is very user friendly and visually easy to manageIt all depends on what you are looking for to automate your restaurant accounts. 

Once you begin to connect your accounts, you will get a home screen like the below: 

boost your restaurants social media

Applets that I use for my business

If you want to use the same automation I am using, below are the links: 

Post your Instagram photos to Tumblr 

Tweet your Instagrams as native photos on Twitter 

That is really all that you need, but you can get more creative.  There are hundreds of possibilitiesIFTTT is a databank of all the different connections that users have createdSo, you may see the same repeated in various occasions.   

It is preferable that you use the connections created by the actual servicesYou can tell the difference between a service application because the creator will be the service and not a user. 

IFTTT has many awesome applets that you can review, and get ideas from to expand your restaurant social media strategy beyond these platforms.

You can find automations to create processes, or help organize your online advertising and management by location.

How IFTTT can boost your restaurant productivity with automation.
How IFTTT can boost your restaurant productivity with automation.

Let's start wrapping it up

I hope that this article explains the purpose of IFTTT, and how it can help improve your restaurant social media content marketing.  Most importantly, the reason increasing your online visibility is so important. The more online visibility, the more potential customers equals more 💲. 

IFTTT was created to simplify and automate your life by creating simple and easy to use automations for your content that can create efficiency and increase productivity in your business. 

Combine this with post automation, you can open more time of your day to attend important business matters and not have to focus so much on social mediaAnd at the same time, continue to increase your online presence, and share your culinary creativity with your content with your customers.

Do you think this will help you get automated online as you take pictures of your cookies?  If so, let us know what you think below.

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FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

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