10 Tips that you can save money using Fiverr for your restaurant in 2022

All the ways that Fiverr can boost your business, and save you precious time in the process.

Why use Fiverr For Your Restaurant?

Admit it.  Some things are way over your head, and you do not have time for them.  You may need to design a logo, a menu, a flyer, or consider building a website for your restaurant.   Even if you have the right skills to do these things, as a restaurant owner, your time is valuable.  With all the essential restaurant tasks on your plate (pun intended), you may not have time to juggle everything.  You need to outsource some of your tasks, to focus on more important things like payroll and inventory.  This article will cover 10 tips on using Fiverr for your restaurant and saving money in the process. 

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance work.  The name Fiverr originates from the early days of the platform, in which they charged $5 for a job, or “gig.”  Yes, $5.  That means that you could get a logo and have a menu designed for under $15.  Nobody will create a website for $5, but you will find somof the besfreelance rates online on Fiverr. 

But how do I use Fiverr for my business?

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the possibilities are endless.  You can start with a logo and have your restaurant’s menu, website, social media, Google ads, and accounting set up within a week for a reasonable price. 

What kind of services are on Fiverr?

Fiverr has countless services that you can hire for your restaurantThis article will cover the ten essential jobs that you can hire on Fiverr for your restaurant. 

Is Fiverr free? How do I sign up?

It is entirely free to sign up for Fiverr.  All you need is an email address to get started, and you can start looking for gigs on the platform. 

 You can follow this  link to sign up for Fiverr. 

(the following article has affiliate links.  By clicking on these links, I get a small commission that helps fund this blog and tools used for digital media marketing for restaurants) 

So, what are we going to cover in this article?

Table of Contents

Design a Logo on Fiverr for dirt cheap!

Fiverr is one of the best platforms that you can take advantage of when creating a new and fresh restaurant concept.  A powerful logo is an essential part of your restaurant’s identity.  The logo will be at the forefront of your business, anit is imperative that you get it right  

How much does a restaurant logo design cost of Fiverr?

Gigs for logos usually start at $5 and can go upwards to $300 or more.  But I recommend that if you already have a design in mind, invest $100 on four to five logo gigs on Fiverr to see which one you like the most. 

Fiverr for your restaurant

Creative menu designs

Nothing speaks better to your customer than a beautiful and creative menu.  On Fiverr, you will find countless gigs for menu designs The prices and gigs all depend on what options they offer Some offer a simple digital menu that you can use for QR codes.  Other gigs offer Bi or Tri-Fold menus that are ready for printing. 

How much does a restaurant menu design cost?

Most menu design gigs on Fiverr start in the $10 range.  From there, they increase depending on what options you want to add.   

Menu prices on Fiverr can vary depending on the following: 

  • Amount of pages 
  • Format (digital or for print) 
  • If you want future revisions 
  • If you need customs graphics 

Build a restaurant website

The best investment that you can make for your business is to launch a website for your restaurant.  I cover the 7 Absolutely Badass Benefits Of Website For Restaurants in a previous blog postFiverr is a wonderful place to start for website designs.   

How much does a website for a restaurant cost on Fiverr?

You will be surprised to find out that you can have a website designed for under $100 on Fiverr.  You will first need to purchase the domain and hosting plan before hiring a freelancer on Fiverr for most gigs.   

In my previous blog post: How to Build Restaurant Website Today For Less Than $99, I explain how you can search and purchase a domain and hosting plan for under $99.  This article will give you a great idea of where to start.   

Once you have your domain and hosting, you can head over to Fiverr for the design. 

Give your customers the full service with online ordering

The second-best investment you can make after launching a website is incorporating online ordering to your restaurant’s site.  In the past year, online ordering has boomed in the restaurant industry.  Primarily because of the pandemic, but also because of the rise of online ordering services. 

The main issue with online ordering services is their service charge.  Most take over a 15% commission on sales, which leaves you with little profit.  By implementing your personal Online ordering service, not only do you save that extra service charge, but you control the service that you give to your customers. 

How much does an online ordering service for my restaurant cost on Fiverr?

You can include an online ordering service installed on your website for less than $50 on Fiverr.  There are premium services that offer more options like entering your menu items and customizing your pages.   

You can also purchase a gig to create a website with online ordering included.  These will be your best options.  You can turn on the online order when your ready, but you will already have it installed on your website. 

Fiverr for your restaurant

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you have your website up and running, you will need to optimize it to appear in search engines.  This task is called search engine optimization or SEOSeo is basically coding inserted in the background of your site that is only visible to search engines.  It is a complex study of keywords, and other factors, that help your website rank higher in search results. 

For example, Your Mexican restaurant needs to have the proper information to appear in search results for Mexican restaurants near me” on Google Your website will have a better chance to appear in the relevant search results by adding the keywords: “Mexican restaurant” throughout your site and on your metadata. 

SEO is definitely an art.  And I recommend that you hire a freelancer on Fiverr to help you with it. 

How much does SEO for my restaurant website cost on Fiverr?

You can find gigs starting between $15 – $25 on FiverrBut I highly suggest that you do not invest cheap with this feature.  Good SEO can make or break the traffic to your website. 

Video tool code
What is keyword research? | SEO Keyword Research | Learn From Fiverr

Google my Business or Local SEO

We discussed the importance of SEO for your restaurant’s website.  But more critical than SEO on your website is local SEO.   

What is the difference between SEO and Local SEO?

SEO is primarily referred to as thSEO used on your website to rank higher in search results.  Local SEO is combination of youwebsite’s SEO anyour Google my Business profile’s data in its directory. 

I cover The importance of optimizing Google my business for restaurants in a previous blog postThere is a range of factors that Google looks for to rank you in the top three search resultsAppearing these top three results (The Google Three Pack) can make a difference in your restaurant breaking even or growing exponentially. 

For this reason, it is essential to invest ian excellent Local Seo expert on Fiverr that can help your restaurant get to thtop of the competition. 

Social Media Manager

You may think that you have your social media marketing under control, but ask yourself: how much time am I investing in itMost restaurants hire and additional employees just to keep the social media profiles up to date and consistentBut some do notOr do not really even deal with social media.  But they know that they must and post something once a week. 

For the latter, Fiverr is a perfect place to find a social media manager.   

What does a social media manager do?

A social media manager can create posts and content on your social media accounts.  They can also engage with customers and grow your brand online. 

How much does a social media manager for my restaurant cost on Fiverr?

You can hire a social media manager for around $20 a week on Fiverr.  That’s not bad considering all the time and effort that you save.  Some even have monthly rates that can save you even more money. 

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Restaurant 3D floor plan

Do you have an empty space that you want to convert into a restaurant?  Or maybe you want to re-design the layout of your current restaurant.  Fiverr has gigs that can present to you a 3D rendering of your potential restaurant design.  Professional architects will provide you with beautifully designed floor plans that will give you a perfect view of your future restaurant.  Suppose you have considered creating a container-style restaurantIn that case, this is your ideal starting point to have it designed by a professional on Fiverr. 

How much does a restaurant design gig cost on Fiverr?

A restaurant floor design gig starts at around $20 on Fiverr.  The price range depends on the amount of space and rooms in your areaAlso, the amount of decoration and equipment will vary the price. 

Have an advertising flyer or billboard designed on Fiverr

Are you starting a new promotional deal in your restaurant or just want to get your new restaurant’s name into the wildFiverr offers a wide variety of freelancers that can create promotional material for your restaurantFrom previously mentioned menus to flyers, to billboards, interior large menu displays for fast-food style businessesThis is an excellent option if you do not have enough time to design promotional material yourself and want it for reasonable price. 

How much does a flyer or banner design cost on Fiverr?

Unbelievably, a beautiful flyer design can start at $5 on FiverrDepending on the amount of art or variations you may request, the price will increaseBut a good flyer design will cost around $20. 


Hire a professional to create Social Media and Google Ads

The number one way to advertise your restaurant and grow your traffic is by investing in digital adsSometimes posting 5 or six times a day on social media is not enoughNeither is organic SEO trafficTo grow your restaurant’s following, you need to invest in digital media ads for your businessFiverr’s professional freelancer will create Facebook and Google ads that are sure to convert to salesI highly suggest that you consider having a professional write a great ad if you are going to invest. 

How much does a Social media or Google Ad gig cost on Fiverr?

You can find gigs on Fiverr for social media ad Google ads for as little as $5Some only design the actual postAnd others will write the content and track the progressOf course, the latter will cost more than $5, but investing in ads is essential in a restaurant’s growth path. 


I really hope that this article puts in perspective the impact that Fiverr can have on your restaurantFrom flyer and logo designs to restaurant layouts, Fiverr is a great platform to get you started branding and growing your restaurant. 

In this article, we only discussed 10 ways that you can use Fiverr for your restaurant.  There are many more gigs and freelancing jobs that you can apply to create outstanding efficiency in your restaurant’s operations. 

Feel free to explore yourself and find new ways to get creative with your business and be more productive to free up time and give your customers outstanding service. 

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.


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