About Island dwellers PR

About Island dwellers PR – A little bit bout our mission, goals, and more infestation.

Our story

Island Dwellers is a digital marketing service focused on the hospitality industry.  Our mission is to provide all necessary tools for restaurants to increase their online presence, and generate leads, and customers into sales.  Our goal is for all restaurants to have a functional, and successful website that the business can call their “home”, and own their traffic.

When Robert Alvarez first came up with the concept of Island Dwellers, we just wanted free food. 😁 Really he just wanted to apply the skills that he has learned over the years as a process analyst, and web developer to help local restaurants get their footing online.  By sharing his knowledge through his blog posts, and social media, we aim to increase the revenue of local restaurants by providing online tools.


Besides filtering our Instagram feed, our Facebook page is full of articles, and information that you can use to find your next meal in Puerto Rico. We aim to bring you the latest updates from restaurants.


Our Instagram page has come a long way since its creation. We are Puerto Rico's social media hub for restaurant menus and updates. With over 30 posts daily, our mission is to bring you up to date food specials.


This is our photography portfolio that display some of our food photography, street photography, and travel photography of Puerto Rico.

About Island dwellers PR

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Our Partners

At Island Dwellers, We Try To Offer Our Readers The Best Tools In The Market That Can Help Them Grow Their Online Business. These Partners Are Specifically Picked Out Of The Thousands, Because They Provide Tools That Are Designed For Restaurant Owners Or Managers.

We use affiliate links whenever possible; Island Dwellers sites run software that adds affiliate tags to any outside linking as a revenue-generating mechanism. You support Island Dwellers by using our links to buy products.

By clicking on these links, you will help us maintain our beautiful website, and most importantly our blog.

You will not be charged extra for your purchases by using our affiliate links.

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